Kevin has provided excellent healing care to me and my family for years. We get great herbs and acupuncture treatments when needed with always effective results. I highly recommend Kevin as a master healer and practitioner of TCM.

I am so happy I took the advice of a friend to see Kevin at Colorado Restorative Acupuncture. After many painful tests, doctor visits and pharmaceutical drugs, I am on my way to healing. Kevin is very nice, professional, and gifted in his field.

I had been in pain for over 22 months and had tried everything any other sufferer had suggested to me…. After the first treatment my feet felt like they started fizzing and the pain lessened. After two treatments the pain lessened dramatically and after the third treatment the pain was completely gone and all that was left was a stiffness in my feet that I worked out with stretches over time. I have been pain free for 4 months. I am athletic and got my normal life back and am enjoying a beautiful Colorado summer. I can’t thank Kevin enough.

I have been to several Acupuncturists and Kevin is by far the best. I look forward to my visit to Colorado so I can book some sessions with Kevin.

I love acupuncture – ever since my first treatment 40 years ago.  I have been treated by many great people. However, Kevin Waldron  is truly exceptional… Every time I leave his beautiful office I am so happy to be pain free, rejuvenated, able to more freely, able to live a normal life, and feel more relaxed.  Kevin is an able & astute listener, thus he can hone in to what is needed… Give yourself some love – go see Kevin.

Kevin listens,  fosters trust,  and does not make you dependent on his treatment.  His goal is to improve your life without needing constant intervention.

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