Food Sensitivity Blood Test

This new diagnostic test is a fantastic addition to our office and our mission of creating total-body wellness. The food sensitivity blood test is a diagnostic by EverlyWell. The test involves a simple finger-prick blood sample, that is performed in our office.  It will test for 96 individual, commonly-consumed foods. An extended test of anContinue reading “Food Sensitivity Blood Test”

Thermal Imaging

We are excited to be utilizing FLIR thermal imaging, a new technological diagnostic device, at Colorado Restorative Acupuncture. We have a thermal camera that only picks up the infrared spectrum, an electromagnetic wavelength that is not visible to the naked eye, but can be felt as heat. This camera can detect and document both excessiveContinue reading “Thermal Imaging”

Muse Neurofeedback

Colorado Restorative Acupuncture is introducing meditation training that utilizes a small, portable EEG (electroencephalogram) device and software developed by Muse. This new technology can greatly enhance and accelerate one’s ability to meditate.    Meditation is a practice that can be very time consuming and requires diligence to master, but it results in a wide rangeContinue reading “Muse Neurofeedback”