An Altered State, Part III

An Altered State, Part 3 In part one of this series, we discussed the idea of a flow state, in which the prefrontal cortex of the brain turns off and allows other parts of the brain to build connections. In the second part, we discussed how people have achieved these states principally through meditation andContinue reading “An Altered State, Part III”

An Altered State: Part II

An Altered State, Part 2 In part one we discussed the benefits of naturally induced altered states of consciousness, and in part two we will talk about common practices used to induce these states. The most common induction method when referring to altering consciousness naturally is meditation. Although one of the oldest and best-known practices,Continue reading “An Altered State: Part II”

An Altered State: Part One

Originally featured in Listen, Share, and Be Kind publication. This article will be the first in a three part series discussing the naturally induced, endogenous altered states of consciousness. We will discuss the neurobiology, benefits and methods for inducing such mental states. We all have experienced these altered states. At times they can be asContinue reading “An Altered State: Part One”